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FEMA Joins the Alliance to Feed the Future

FEMA recently joined the Alliance to Feed the Future, a partnership of nearly 80 affiliated organizations that was recently formed to balance the dialogue on agriculture and food issues.  This is an opportunity for FEMA to collaborate on items that are important to the food industry and which will serve to balance some recent anti-packaged goods sentiment. We anticipate that the Alliance could provide another platform to stay informed, have a concerted voice, and provide our expertise as necessary.

The Alliance to Feed the Future is an umbrella network of universities, industry and commodity groups, health professional associations, and nonprofit communication organizations that are balancing the public dialogue on modern agriculture and large-scale food production.  The mission of the Alliance is to multiply the impact of these separate efforts to build understanding of food production and technology issues among key stakeholders.

A list of members of the Alliance to Feed the Future can be seen here.   You can find out more by visiting the Alliance website at

Thu, 2011-12-15

Did You Know?

Many companies are multi-generational FEMA members, indicating that the tradition of FEMA provides significant value and encourages ongoing commitment.

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