Alcohol Tax & Trade Committee

  • Tracks the activities of the Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) and other regulatory agencies with respect to the use of alcohol in flavors and extracts, and recommends action to the Board of Governors if necessary. 

  • The scope of the committee includes regulations and procedures for tax drawbacks, formula disclosure, investigation and inspection procedures, conflicts between agencies, impact on wine and alcoholic beverage flavors and beverage ingredient labeling.

Committee on Flavor Safety

  • Helps to oversee and prioritize all safety activities of FEMA related to flavoring substances and new flavor technologies, and to provide solution-based recommendations to the FEMA Board of Governors, scientific staff, and membership for issues resolution on a global (IOFI) or local (FEMA) level.

Communications & Membership Committee

  • Keeps the membership fully informed of the policies, services, and activities of the Association so that each member receives the maximum benefit of FEMA membership.

  • Manages the Association website as a central source of Association and industry information available to the membership and/or the public.

  • Seeks, as members of the Association, all qualified manufacturers of flavors and flavoring ingredients, flavor users, flavor ingredient suppliers, and other companies related to the flavor industry who are eligible for membership.

  • Contacts potential members and advises the Board of Governors on matters relating to membership in the Association.

Consumer Products Companies Forum

  • Serves as a forum among consumer product companies to address issues and opportunities for the use of flavors as ingredients in foods, beverages, dental hygiene products, cosmetics and other such products from a regulatory, scientific and trade perspective. 

  • The forum discusses issues such as labeling of flavors as ingredients in foods and beverages, contaminants, intellectual property protection associated with flavors when linked to consumer products brands (i.e. customs classifications, food and beverage product registrations, alcohol taxes and registrations).  

  • Recommendations made by the Forum are forwarded to relevant standing FEMA committees and the FEMA Board.

Education & Training Committee

  • Assesses the education and training needs of the FEMA membership, and to oversee the provision of education and training courses on topics that are timely and of value based on input from members. 

  • These courses are in addition to and outside the scope of programs and workshops already offered and they take into consideration the needs of younger professionals within the flavor industry and alternative formats that stimulate broader participation. 

  • The Committee also develops and offers a FEMA orientation class, "FEMA 101".

Enhanced Communications Committee

  • Develops a strategic communications roadmap that addresses key concerns and opportunities for FEMA and its member companies.

  • Assesses and develops communications strategies and implementation plans for top issues that have potential impact on the flavor industry and will offer guidance to FEMA members.

  • Builds awareness of FEMA’s role through interaction with media, NGOs, and industry advocates.

  • Helps the association proactively and appropriately engage with relevant audiences.

FEMA Regulatory Affairs Committee

  • Monitors and evaluates U.S. (local/state/federal) and international legislative and regulatory initiatives that may impact the flavor industry.

  • Recommends to the Board, where appropriate, responses or actions needed to represent the best interest of the flavor industry on emerging or changing regulations and/or legislation affecting the industry.

  • Responsible for reporting activities on domestic legislation to the Regulatory Advisory & Advocacy Committee (RAAC) of the International Organization of the Flavour Industry (IOFI), as well as reporting and making any appropriate recommendations to the RAAC on international issues affecting FEMA members, which may require action and/or co-ordination through the international committee. 

  • Provides information to members and a forum for discussion, education and training, as appropriate, regarding the impact of new legislation, recommendations for compliance with existing regulations, and the interpretation of regulations globally.

Flavor Labeling Committee

  • Tracks the present labeling regulations of the FDA, USDA, and other agencies applicable to flavors, and to recommend appropriate actions to change, interpret or implement those regulations. 

  • Monitors government proposals for amendment of existing regulations and recommends the Association's position on such proposals in the interest of the membership.

Occupational, Safety, Health and Environment Committee

  • Reviews and discusses Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) current and common practices along with specific methods and standards needed for continuously improving workplace performance. 

  • Identifies and/or creates opportunities for improving the Safety, Health and Environmental knowledge within FEMA member companies.

  • Promotes awareness of new and changing Safety, Health and Environmental regulations along with applicable regulatory enforcement activities.

  • Provides the FEMA Board with recommendations for addressing regulatory compliance and other matters involving Safety, Health and Environmental issues that may impact the flavor industry.

Program Committee

  • Formulates programs for the business sessions of the Annual Convention and Symposium, including recommending and inviting speakers, coordinating travel and program details, and welcoming and hosting speakers in attendance at the meetings. 

  • Recommends panel discussions or other special programs to address issues of interest and importance at both annual meetings.

Science Committee

  • Identifies and provides technical and scientific expertise within the FEMA membership that will help achieve FEMA objectives that require technical or scientific support.

Supply Chain Sustainability Committee

  • Provides a forum for the open discussion of issues relevant to key supply markets important and pertinent to the flavor industry, including but not limited to, supply chain challenges, sustainability, vanilla and other raw material growing region reports, labeling for vanilla products subject to the federal standards of identity, customs and tariff matters and other trade and product registration issues.

  • Provides educational resources to members, where necessary, to help increase awareness of issues facing the supply markets important to the flavor industry.