Advocacy and Awareness Committee

  • Engage, educate and influence internal and external audiences through a consistent narrative that conveys the values and experiential roles flavors play.

Consumer Product Companies Committee

  • The CPC will anticipate and address issues and opportunities for the continued use of flavors in CPG products.

Membership Services Committee

  • To attract, retain, engage and educate current and potential members.

Regulatory Affairs Committee

  • Anticipate, monitor, strategize and address regulatory initiatives and emerging issues that may impact the flavor industry. Provide regulatory advocacy, education, and information to help membership understand the impact of new and existing requirements and/or regulations. Engage with other industry associations on issues which are important to the flavor industry.

Science Affairs Committee

  • To provide scientific and technical expertise related to flavors in support of achieving FEMA’s vision and goals.

Supply Chain Sustainability Committee

  • Identify end-to-end flavor ingredient supply chain and supply sustainability issues in order to both update members on current challenges as well as anticipate future dynamics in order to advocate for the flavor industry regarding the economic sustainability of the supply chain.