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An Introduction to FEMA GRAS™
Presented by the University of FEMA

A recording of the webinar is available for purchase: $150 for FEMA members (online access), and $350 for non-members (CD recording).

To order your copy, complete the order form and return to i[email protected] or via fax at 202-463-8998.

“An Introduction to FEMA GRAS™" was born out of the 1958 Food Additives Amendment, the FEMA GRAS™ program is today one of the most widely respected GRAS evaluation programs and is key to the safety evaluation of ingredients used in the creation of flavors for use in our favorite foods and beverages.

This informative webinar discusses a variety of topics regarding the FEMA GRAS™ program, including:

  • An overview of the program’s history
  • The role of the FEMA Expert Panel
  • How FEMA GRAS™ decisions are communicated
  • How to find information on the FEMA GRAS™ program
  • International acceptance of FEMA GRAS™

This webinar is intended for everyone in the flavor industry -- from sales and marketing to regulatory affairs and R&D.  Gaining a better understanding of the FEMA GRAS™ program will help you, your colleagues, and your customers better understand how these materials are determined to be safe for use.  Those who do not work in the flavor industry will gain clear insight into a respected program that has served as a cornerstone in flavor safety evaluation for more than 50 years.

Our webinar was led by two of the leading experts on the FEMA GRAS™ program, John Hallagan and Christie Harman. Mr. Hallagan has devoted nearly three decades to the FEMA GRAS™ program, and in 1995 he co-authored the seminal publication describing the framework and legal underpinnings of the GRAS concept, particularly as it applies to flavor ingredients. Ms. Harman is recognized as an expert in food ingredient safety, as well as in national and international regulatory and scientific matters involving the food industry


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Did You Know?

Consistent with a long history of protecting trade secrets of members, FEMA secured amendments to the New Jersey Right to Know law, ensuring the return of more than 50,000 proprietary flavor formulas.

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