The University of FEMA presented "U.S. Flavor Labeling:  From Concept to Consumer."  A recording is available for purchase:  $295 and includes DVD, workbook and workshop materials.  Click here to access the order form.


Featuring experts from FEMA member companies, U.S. Flavor Labeling: From Concept to Consumer offers in-depth knowledge and explanations of labeling requirements for consumer products ultimately destined for grocery shelves. This workshop discusses a variety of topics relating to flavor labeling, including:

  • History, Highlights

    • Issues/Resolution

    • Intellectual Property

  • FDA Labeling Requirements

    • General Labeling Information

    • Specific Flavor Regulations

    • Naming the Flavor -- WONF, Characterizing

    • Ingredient Declaration: Functional vs Incidental

  • Foods and Flavors with Standards of Identity

  • Food Claims

    • General Information

    • Organic

    • Natural

  • TTB Labeling

  • USDA Labeling