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Dr. Richard L. Hall Distinguished Service Award

In 1995, the Board of Governors created the Dr. Richard L. Hall Distinguished Service Award to honor Dr. Hall, whose career has been marked by unique commitment and service to the flavor industry. The award pays tribute to those who have shown outstanding dedication to the advancement of our industry and to the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association. The award is only intended for those whose contributions meet the highest standards of excellence and distinction.  The award will be presented only in those years when a candidate is identified with a record of long and distinguished service.

Past Award Winners

  • 1995: Richard Hall, Ph.D., McCormick & Co.
  • 1996: J. Frank Perkins, Ph.D., Firmenich, Inc.
  • 1997: James J. Broderick, Ph.D., H. Kohnstamm & Company
  • 1998: Otho Easterday, Ph.D., International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
  • 1999: Jan Stofberg, Ph.D., PFW Aroma Chemicals
  • 2000: Daniel R. Thompson, The Law Offices of Daniel R. Thompson
  • 2001: Fred W. Stone, Ph.D., Firmenich, Inc.
  • 2003: Klaus Bauer, Symrise, Inc.
  • 2004: James Emerson, Ph.D., and Julia Howell, The Coca-Cola Company
  • 2005: Daniel E. Stebbins, Symrise, Inc.
  • 2006: Richard Pisano, Sr., Citrus and Allied Essences, Ltd.
  • 2007: Charles Manley, Ph.D.,Takasago International Corporation (USA)
  • 2008: Fred H. Stults, Ph.D.,Givaudan (USA)
  • 2009: Glenn Roberts, The Roberts Group and John Hallagan, The Law Offices of John B. Hallagan
  • 2010: William R. Troy, Ph.D., Firmenich, Inc.
  • 2011: Timothy Adams, Ph.D., Verto Solutions
  • 2013: Peter N. Lombardo, Robertet Flavors, Inc.
  • 2014: Kenneth R. Schrankel, Ph.D., International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

Please click here to download the Dr. Richard L. Hall Distinguished Service Award nomination form.

Did You Know?

Over 1,700 FEMA GRAS substances have been accepted internationally through the United Nations FAO/WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), an important step toward the global harmonization of flavor ingredients.

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