2011 FEMA Fall Symposium

FEMA Excellence in Flavor Science Award

Terry E. Acree, Ph.D.
Cornell University
Terry Acree
Dr. Terry Acree is the recipient of the 2011 FEMA Excellence in Flavor Science Award. He has devoted his professional career to flavor science as a researcher and professor at Cornell University. For more than 40 years, he has been recognized domestically and internationally as a major contributor to methods for assessing the contributions of individual flavor chemicals to the collective aroma and flavor of the food we enjoy.

Dr. Acree will address Symposium attendees during the Excellence in Science Luncheon, Wednesday, October 26 at Noon.

The FEMA Excellence in Flavor Science Award acknowledges a globally recognized researcher from academia or industry with a clear dedication to the advancement of flavor science through conducting original published research in peer-reviewed journals. It honors those whose contributions meet the highest standards in the industry for excellence and distinction and is intended to provide timely recognition of original and significant contributions to flavor science.

Criteria for nomination for the FEMA Excellence in Flavor Science Award:

  • A globally recognized researcher in academia or industry
  • Solid track record of conducting original research & publication in peer-reviewed journals
  • Recognized by peers as a leader in the field

Past winners:

2006 Gary Reineccius, Ph.D., The University of Minnesota
2007 Regula Naef, Firmenich, Switzerland
2008 Professor Peter Schieberle, Ph.D., Technical University of Munich, Germany
2009 Gary Beauchamp, Ph.D., Monell Chemical Senses Center

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