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Ensuring that consumers can trust in the safety of flavors used in foods and beverages is FEMA’s primary goal. FEMA’s Expert Panel evaluates flavor ingredients for use in foods and beverages only, not in non-food products like electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and other flavored tobacco products. FEMA has cautioned ENDS and other flavored tobacco product manufacturers not to imply the flavors they use have been evaluated as safe for this purpose by the FEMA Expert Panel.

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Myth vs. Fact

Flavor Safety: Myth vs. Fact

November 1, 2017

By FEMA Staff

We know flavors and flavor ingredients can seem a bit confusing, and consumers are curious how these materials’ safety is evaluated. We’ve compiled a short list of common misconceptions and facts about FEMA and flavor safety. Check them out below.

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Myth: Americans must rely solely on the food industry for the safety of flavors in food and beverages

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