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Benefits of Membership

  • A unique panel of experts available 24/7 to provide support and answer your questions on matters such as international, federal, and state regulatory requirements and scientific issues related to flavors. It’s where to go when time and accuracy are of the essence.

  • Publications and frequent electronic updates on regulatory and legislative matters to keep members and their customers updated on issues that affect the safe manufacture and use of flavors.

  • Training workshops and seminars on current scientific and regulatory issues to educate members about topics impacting the industry. Recent and upcoming topics include workplace safety, flavor labeling, and the European REACH program.

  • FEMA’s Annual Convention and Fall Symposium provide an opportunity to meet flavor experts from raw material suppliers, flavor houses, consumer goods companies, and technology and other specialized service providers. These events help our members build knowlege, network with industry resources, and develop new contacts — they include committee meetings, updates on hot topics from FEMA staff, and discussions of important issues for the flavor industry.

  • Guidance and advice to prepare members in advance of facility inspections by regulatory agencies.

  • Proactive and timely information on existing and proposed regulations and requirements for flavors around the world.

  • Ability to submit new flavor ingredients for review by the FEMA Expert Panel for FEMA GRAS™ status.

  • Access to the largest computerized database of scientific, regulatory, and technical information on all flavoring, saving members valuable time in searching for information.

  • Flavor & Fragrance Ingredient Data Sheets (FFIDS) to assist members when preparing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), offering accurate content suggestions and valuable time savings.

  • Representation on FEMA’s committees, where all members can play an important role in shaping industry responses to challenges and setting safety standards.

  • The ability to participate in global advocacy efforts and advise emerging countries on new legislation and industry practices.

  • Ability to promote your company’s membership in the most respected professional group in the flavor industry.

Did You Know?

Over 2,200 FEMA GRAS substances have been accepted internationally through the United Nations FAO/WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), an important step toward the global harmonization of flavor ingredients.

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