In 2023, FEMA began collecting nominations for the Dr. Richard L. Hall Distinguished Service Award from the FEMA Board of Governors. Created in 1995 to honor Dr. Hall, whose career has been marked by exceptional commitment and service to the flavor industry. The award pays tribute to those who have shown outstanding dedication to the advancement of our industry and the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association. The award is only intended for those whose contributions meet the highest standards of excellence and distinction. The award will be presented only in those years when a candidate is identified with a record of long and distinguished service.


Last Year's Honoree


Nancy Higley

Nancy Higley, Ph.D. 

Managing Member
Regulatory Connections, LLC 

Over the course of her long and distinguished career, Dr. Higley’s dedication to the flavor industry is represented by her highly significant and extensive contributions to FEMA’s scientific programs and initiatives and through her valued service as FEMA Governor, Treasurer, Board Liaison, and Committee Chair.

Dr. Higley was instrumental in developing and conducting the landmark FEMA-sponsored safety study of process flavors which led to the conclusion that process flavors are safe and do not require additional, specific regulation. The study was historic for the industry, as it led FDA to conclude that flavors do not pose a human health hazard.

She was a leader in initiating and executing FEMA’s first poundage survey in 1995. Dr. Higley was responsible for expanding and refining the “consumption ratio” that allows a comparison between the consumption of flavoring substances from natural sources with those from the same substances consumed as added flavors.

As a major participant in the development and execution of the “naturals paradigm,” Dr. Higley was a leader in the implementation of this critically important evaluation procedure used to assure the safety of natural flavoring complexes and spearheaded the collection of data on a number of these materials enabling the successful completion of their safety evaluations.

Dr. Higley published on a variety of subjects important to FEMA and the flavor and food industries and was a member of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on the Food Chemicals Codex. She was a long-standing member of FEMA’s Safety Evaluation Coordination Committee and a founding member of the IOFI Science Board. She served as Chair of the FEMA Science Committee, providing wisdom and passion with an incredible appreciation for the flavor industry globally.

Dr. Higley held numerous roles at FEMA member companies, including Vice President of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs at Kerry Inc., Vice President for Food Safety, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at PepsiCo, and Vice President of Product Safety and Regulatory Assurance at Givaudan Flavors.


Past Award Winners

  • 2023: Nancy Higley, Ph.D., Regulatory Connections, LLC

  • 2020: Howard Smith, Jr., Virginia Dare

  • 2019: Kevin Renskers, PhD., Takasago International Corporation

  • 2018: Richard Pisano Jr., Citrus and Allied Essences Ltd.

  • 2017: Timothy M. Webster, David Michael & Co., Inc.

  • 2016: Joanne S. Ferrara, ConAgra Foods

  • 2015: Hamed Faridi, Ph.D., McCormick & Co.

  • 2014: Kenneth R. Schrankel, Ph.D., International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

  • 2013: Peter N. Lombardo, Robertet Flavors, Inc.

  • 2011: Timothy Adams, Ph.D., Verto Solutions

  • 2010: William R. Troy, Ph.D., Firmenich, Inc.

  • 2009: Glenn Roberts, The Roberts Group and John Hallagan, The Law Offices of John B. Hallagan

  • 2008: Fred H. Stults, Ph.D.,Givaudan (USA)

  • 2007: Charles Manley, Ph.D.,Takasago International Corporation (USA)

  • 2006: Richard Pisano, Sr., Citrus and Allied Essences, Ltd.

  • 2005: Daniel E. Stebbins, Symrise, Inc.

  • 2004: James Emerson, Ph.D., and Julia Howell, The Coca-Cola Company

  • 2003: Klaus Bauer, Symrise, Inc.

  • 2001: Fred W. Stone, Ph.D., Firmenich, Inc.

  • 2000: Daniel R. Thompson, The Law Offices of Daniel R. Thompson

  • 1999: Jan Stofberg, Ph.D., PFW Aroma Chemicals

  • 1998: Otho Easterday, Ph.D., International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

  • 1997: James J. Broderick, Ph.D., H. Kohnstamm & Company

  • 1996: J. Frank Perkins, Ph.D., Firmenich, Inc.

  • 1995: Richard Hall, Ph.D., McCormick & Co.