Core Purpose

FEMA is the authoritative voice advancing the safe and responsible use of flavorings.


Universal acceptance of the value of flavorings.


FEMA furthers the business interests of its members through a sound scientific program designed to promote the safe use of flavors. Through effective representation of its members, FEMA fosters a global environment in which the flavor industry can create, innovate, and compete.


  1. Advocacy: FEMA is recognized as the premier advocate regarding flavorings.
  2. Education: FEMA is relied upon as an authoritative educational resource fostering growth and development for member companies.
  3. Science: FEMA expands its scientific credibility.
  4. Industry Intellectual Property Protection: FEMA promotes the protection of member company intellectual property.
  5. Awareness: FEMA builds the narrative on flavorings in support of key stakeholders.

Core Values


Intellectual Property

FEMA fosters relationships with professionals, organizations, coalitions and experts that support the safe and responsible use of flavorings.

Industry Connections

FEMA fosters relationships with professionals, organizations, coalitions and experts that support the safe and responsible use of flavorings.

Diversity Initiatives

FEMA believes that it’s important to recognize, validate and amplify perspectives of people of color and women to ensure equitable opportunities for everyone in the industry.


The FEMA Expert Panel ensures the safe and responsible use of flavorings by regularly reviewing the safety of flavor ingredients, and by continually analyzing studies that affect flavors and the products in which they are used.


FEMA builds awareness of flavor safety by publishing its scientific findings in reputable, peer-reviewed journals and trade publications to contribute our expertise to protect public health.


FEMA supports the next generation of the flavor industry by offering promising students scholarships and providing training to emerging professionals to help them get to the next level of their careers.


FEMA responds to U.S. legislative and regulatory activities affecting the flavor industry while ensuring that consumers can trust that the ingredients in their food are safe.

Member Resources

Through meetings, webinars, and breaking updates, FEMA keeps our members apprised of government policy changes, advances in flavor science, and industry insights that support their business objectives.

Public Outreach

FEMA connects with others through our shared experiences with food by communicating the value and importance of flavors, science, and safety, and how flavors positively impact our lives.

Global Partnerships

FEMA works with internationally respected organizations to support the harmonization of U.S. and foreign regulations involving the manufacture, use, and labeling of flavors so that we have a common understanding of the safety of flavor ingredients.

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