Kathleen Crossman addresses Annual Leadership Conference after receiving the 2018 President’s Excellence in Service Award.

The President’s Excellence in Service Award was created to acknowledge individuals who have helped build the pillars of the organization without the status of being on the Board of Governors or serving as FEMA President. It is intended to recognize individuals who may not be able to participate at the board level due to their company’s structure or those who may not even be looking for recognition. These are people who have dedicated a great amount of time to keep our organization moving forward in all areas.

The President’s Excellence in Service Award is intended to be given to the most deserving candidate, and therefore, will not necessarily be presented every year. The award will only be given in years when there is a worthy recipient.

President’s Excellence in Service Award nomination form

Past Award Winners

  • 2018: Kathleen Crossman, FONA International Inc.

  • 2017: Lorna Hopkinson, ADM / WILD Flavors

  • 2016: Mary Raukko, Firmenich, Inc