Nominations are now being accepted: 
December 7, 2022 – January 25, 2023

The Emerging Leader Award was created to recognize individuals that have, in a relatively short amount of time, demonstrated leadership and exemplary volunteerism to FEMA. 

The Emerging Leader Award is intended to be given to the most deserving candidate, and therefore, will not necessarily be presented every year. The award will only be given in years when there is a worthy recipient.

Criteria for Nomination

This award recognizes a professional working for a FEMA member company who:

  • Has a track record of active FEMA Committee volunteerism for a minimum of three years, but less than five years and the individual signals a desire to remain an active volunteer into the future as demonstrated by their participation in Committee events, engagement in Task Forces, etc.;

  • Has demonstrated a high level of commitment to FEMA’s strategic plan and critical objectives;
  • Is not a member of the FEMA Board of Governors during the year in which they are nominated; and,
  • Has not been previously awarded the FEMA Emerging Leader Award.


Information About the Nominee
Please note, you may be contacted by FEMA Staff for additional information. 
Be sure to include illustrative and descriptive details that demonstrate the nominee's exemplary volunteerism to FEMA.
Information About the Nominator
If you have any questions about this form or your submission, please email [email protected]