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Mission Statement / Critical Objectives

Mission Statement

FEMA furthers the business interests of its members through a sound scientific program designed to promote the safe use of flavors.  Through effective representation of its members, FEMA fosters a global environment in which the flavor industry can create, innovate, and compete.

Critical Objectives


  • Achieve and maintain a consistent, scientifically valid approach to safety evaluation of flavor ingredients.

  • Continue to support the ongoing role of the FEMA Expert Panel for independent evaluation of the safety-in-use of flavor ingredients.

  • Assist FEMA members in having the safest workplace possible.

  • Identify and address emerging issues.


  • Serve as an effective advocate for FEMA members by representing industry interests before domestic and global legislative, regulatory, and other bodies.


  • Provide a forum to identify and implement solutions to industry problems.

  • Communicate our performance against critical objectives.

  • Communicate the status of key ongoing programs.

  • Communicate the benefits of FEMA membership.

  • Regularly update members on activities of the Board and Committees.

  • Ensure prompt responses to member requests.

  • Measure effectiveness of education, training and communication.

Intellectual Property Protection

  • Promote and encourage the protection of intellectual property of FEMA members by actively responding to regulatory developments and by educating members.

Did You Know?

During Prohibition, FEMA supported federal legislation allowing the sale of flavors and extracts that were "unfit for beverage use," and helped the federal government establish the "drawback" mechanism.

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