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Mission Statement / Critical Objectives

Mission Statement

FEMA furthers the business interests of its members through a sound scientific program designed to promote the safe use of flavors.  Through effective representation of its members, FEMA fosters a global environment in which the flavor industry can create, innovate, and compete.

Critical Objectives


  • Achieve and maintain a consistent, scientifically valid approach to safety evaluation of flavor ingredients.

  • Continue to support the ongoing role of the FEMA Expert Panel for independent evaluation of the safety-in-use of flavor ingredients.

  • Assist FEMA members in having the safest workplace possible.

  • Identify and address emerging issues.


  • Serve as an effective advocate for FEMA members by representing industry interests before domestic and global legislative, regulatory, and other bodies.


  • Provide a forum to identify and implement solutions to industry problems.

  • Communicate our performance against critical objectives.

  • Communicate the status of key ongoing programs.

  • Communicate the benefits of FEMA membership.

  • Regularly update members on activities of the Board and Committees.

  • Ensure prompt responses to member requests.

  • Measure effectiveness of education, training and communication.

Intellectual Property Protection

  • Promote and encourage the protection of intellectual property of FEMA members by actively responding to regulatory developments and by educating members.

Did You Know?

FEMA assisted the FDA in developing a standard for vanilla – the Agency’s only standard of identity for a flavoring ingredient.

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