FEMA Statement on Vaping

In response to new information on vaping products and vaping-related lung injuries, FEMA has updated its statement available publicly on FEMA's website. The updated statement, Safety and Regulatory Authority to Use Flavors – Focus on Vaping Products, is available on FEMA’s homepage. The publication of this updated statement is consistent with FEMA’s longstanding practice of informing its members on recent developments related to this important public health issue. FEMA’s position is that:

“The FEMA Expert Panel evaluates the safety of flavor ingredients only under their conditions of intended use in food and does not evaluate flavor ingredients for use in vaping products, or any other uses that are intended for inhalation. FEMA does not support the use of flavors in vaping products in the absence of rigorous safety assessments performed by vaping product manufacturers and marketers that demonstrate safety.”

New Member Vaping Resource Page

A members-only resource page (requires log-in) is available that includes past FEMA member updates on vaping and flavors, links to government websites, and other information.

Important New Information

The pulmonary medicine group at National Jewish Health/University of Colorado School of Medicine recently published a case report involving a patient who was a consistent and high-volume user of flavored, nicotine-containing e-cigarettes (Macedonia et al., 2019). The senior author on this report is Cecile Rose, M.D., FEMA’s longtime respiratory health and safety consultant.

Media Communications Matters

FEMA continues to be prepared to respond to media inquiries when appropriate. Please contact FEMA Executive Director Jerry Bowman at 202.331.2453 or Communications Director Anna Carver at 202.293.5800 with questions on media communications matters.

For additional questions regarding FEMA’s updated statement, please contact Joanna Drake at 202-331-2325.