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Flavor Labeling: Focus on FMPs 

FEMA's flavor labeling experts address current labeling issues, including interpretation and application of FDA’s flavor and food labeling regulations, natural and artificial labeling matters, and the nexus between regulatory authority to use and appropriate labeling of flavors and foods. Additionally, the presentation discusses issues associated with the appropriate use and labeling of flavors and foods containing flavorings with modifying properties. 

Recorded June 19, 2018 


FEMA GRAS 101: An Introduction to FEMA GRAS 

This informative webinar explains the history of the FEMA GRAS program, how the FEMA Expert Panel conducts safety evaluations of flavoring ingredients and how those decisions are communicated. 

Recorded September 18, 2013 


U.S. Flavor Labeling: From Concept to Consumer 

This multi-part presentation offers in-depth knowledge and explanations of labeling requirements for consumer products ultimately destined for grocery shelves, including natural and organic, product claims, intellectual property and more.  

Recorded October 4, 2011 


Introduction to Flavor Creation for the Non-Flavorist 

This multi-part webinar series offers an introduction to the world of flavor creation for those seeking a better understanding of how flavors are developed.   

Recorded March 10, 2011